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Andrea Yates Arguement Last June in 2001, a 37-year-old lady by the name of Andrea Yates, was arrested for killing her five children. Most people like me would agree that she was sane, and the death penalty would have been the right punishment for Mrs. Andrea Yates. The punishment in the State of Texas for committing two capital crimes is life in jail or the death penalty. Andrea’s lawyer tried to show her innocence by protesting that she was insane at the time of the killings. This plea of insanity could have kept her from life in jail or the death penalty. Sure, she would have served a couple years in jail, but she would have been given the opportunity to come out on parole. Now, if this lady was insane like some…show more content…
Mrs. Yates should have snapped out of her so called “own world” and realized her son was pleading for his life because of her wrong doings. The stories about Andrea being insane and having a psychological disorder do not prove to be true. According to Dr. Puryear, “Mrs. Yates was insane at the time driven by delusions that they were going to hell and she must save them.” If her doctor was aware of her status before all this happened, why did he let her be at home? Yates should have been helped and treated, since Dr. Puryear claims she had suffered from psychotic delusions. Dr. Puryear said “This woman did not now right from wrong,” as he stated to Court Television Network, on February 2,2002. It is somewhat strange how Mr. Yates claims he had no suspicions of her being unhealthful in the mind. What kind of married couple will not be able to detect this in their partner? Some of the jurors believed Andrea was mentally ill, but they also believed that she knew right from wrong. This is a key element in determining if the Andrea meets the legal definition of insanity. Texas needs to realize that this lady is not sick and should have got the death penalty. Mrs. Yates showed no remorse over the children she had lost. Andrea had an innocent face during trial, as she had done nothing wrong. Any human being who takes an innocent life should be punished for the fact that he or she knows the strict painful consequences that the law can

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