Andrea Yates: the Behavioral Perspective Essay

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Andrea Yates A lot of human behavior patterns are based on genetics, including the human nervous system and brain, hormonal systems, neurology, and genetics. Andrea was diagnosed with depression and also took medication. She overdosed at her parent’s house in June 1999. Doctors told her she shouldn’t have anymore children because they saw the path she could be going down. They thought having more children would bring more stress and increase her depression and her trying to commit suicide. Despite what the doctor’s recommendation she had 5 children. She took care of her father as well who suffered from Alzheimer’s and “was completely out of it said Jutta Kennedy. Her mother also said how her father always doted on Andrea, she was…show more content…
The Psychodynamic Perspective focuses on unconscious mental activity. This perspective suggests that both normal and abnormal behaviors are determined primarily by unconscious forces. According to Evan Thomas, Andrea Yates was suffering from postpartum psychosis. She was so depressed and out of it she couldn’t function while trying to do everything. They say most killers are sociopaths, but Andréa was the opposite. She didn’t act or think like a killer so it appeared. The Humanistic Perspective focuses on how people can achieve their fullest potential as individuals who make choices and who take control of responsibility for their mental, social, and personal experiences. It also emphasizes free will and individuals' control of their own behavior. Andrea fulfilled her dreams when in high school by being valedictorian. She also had a home to shelter with her family. She was loved very much by her kid’s husband, and parents. Andrea Yates was the perfect child and succeeded very well during high school. She married another “perfect child” names Russell Yates. He was the football star and everyone loved him. She wanted everyone to think she was a mother was the best and never did anything wrong. She wanted people to think she can do everything and anything. But trying to do everything can make people crazy and tired like Andrea. She must have felt she had to have the perfect
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