Andre's Adulthood Essay

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My respondent was my best friend’s father, Andre Cukovic and he is 60 years old. He was born in the communist country of Yugoslavia (present day Albania) in 1949.
Physically in his 20’s, Andre was a perfectly fit, muscular young man and was in great shape. He had a sort of “model type” body and long curly hair. During his 30’s, he was still a well built man. He cut his long curly hair and did some modeling in Australia. When Andre reaches his 40’s, he claimed that he still felt like he was 20. He was very active and always up and about. At about the age of 50, Andre described himself as no longer as strong as he was when he was young but was still capable of working and still had a strong immune system.
Socially throughout the age of
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and that the people from his past have all moved on.
During Andre’s 20’s, he was very intellectual and knew much about the world’s different countries and cultures. It was during this time he learned 6 different languages. In his 30’s, Andre worked as a chemist of a beer company in Australia at which he was very good at. It was during this time period he began to learn how to speak English. Throughout his 40’s, as Andre was living in the U.S., he started learning more about the Unites State’s laws and about the different cultures within the U.S. In his 50’s, he explained that his knowledge is improving and he just keeps on learning.
At the age of 20, Andre was a very emotional person. Since he was kind of a “softie,” he was popular with the women and was referred to as a “ladies man.” During his 30’s, he was still an easily moved person but when the time was right and when it was needed, he’d be tough. At the age of 40, Andre had two kids and then began to feel more like “a man of steel.” Throughout his 50’s, his kids were driving him crazy but he still continued to be emotionally strong.
At the conclusion of the interview, when I asked Andre what his favorite age was, he told me it was during his 30’s. He told me it was because he was very knowledgeable about the world and its different cultures. He knew many languages at the time and knew so many different people from all over the world. He also said it was during his 30’s when he traveled a lot
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