Andrew Bacevich Has Taken The Position That The U.S. Is

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Andrew Bacevich has taken the position that the U.S. is more militaristic today than it has ever been. I do agree with his belief that the U.S. has been advocating or pursuing an aggressive military policy for quite some time. What is true about our militaristic posture, it remains unchanged even before the “War on Terrorism” was ever fabricated. The resolution of the U.S. population to forge with its military for two world wars which the use of atomic bomb and the overarching effect of inflicting maximum destruction on population centers brought discussion of world leaders together for termination in usage. The world’s occupants had never fully recovered from the policy consequences regarding the use of thee atomic bomb; however, since…show more content…
In an effort to provide protection for our international interest our political leadership point of view is to show militaristic prowess. Mr. Bacevich has mentioned several examples regarding excessive spending within the Department of Defense (DOD) that dwarfs those of America’s closest allies. Also noted, Mr. Bacevich explained that the Navy maintains several large attack aircraft carriers; however, in the battle fleets of the world, there is no ship even comparable to a Nimitz-class carrier. The question is “why do we continue to move away from the general principle to maintain the minimum force required.” I think because we are living in a capitalist society the power of money is at the forefront. The DOD is an industrial military conglomerate.

Now is the question, is it good or bad for the U.S. to be militaristic? Well, I feel it is good to be militaristic within limits of our national interest and international presence. A statement made by President Bush in regards to the 9/11 attacks was that “this country must go on the offense and stay on the offense.” Like so many American, we were lead to believe that this war was justified; however, we were really fooled
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