Andrew Black 's Schooling The World : The White Man 's Last Burden Essay

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In modern society, education becomes significant among almost every country. And with the occurrence of globalization, modern education in the world becomes similar gradually. At the same time, the debates about whether modern education is advantaged or not appears. Based on the schools in Ladakh (the north of Indian Himalayas), Carol Black’s “Schooling the World: The White Man’s Last Burden (2010)” mainly focuses on the consideration of modern education from several aspects: modern education loses the teachings of inner spiritual and survival skill; modern school is like factories and student is the product; and too much concern for the grades will bring side effects. In this essay, I will analyze how the documentary represents these opinions.

First, the documentary comes up with an viewpoint that modern education does not pay much attention on the traditional inner spirits. The documentary proves this opinion by interviewing some local old ladies and a principal of a Mission school. At the beginning, some old ladies express their opinions: traditional education is aiming to teach the virtues (like kindness, compassion, cooperation, etc) and religion (how to live by the teaching of Buddha). But now the education cares about the material success and the traditional virtues are slowly dying out. “How Can I Make Money? ” may become the main concern of students (Schooling the World, 00:05:40-00:05:56). The young people assume that to be an engineer is good but to be a servant
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