Andrew Carnegie : An Eminent Business Man

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Hero or Villain? Noteworthy. Andrew Carnegie managed to overtake the business world by storm single handedly. During the Gilded Age, were the economy grew and the rich flourished, he managed to develop wealth and prosper from steel. Despite his actions being genius, they were far from heroic. Carnegie should be considered an eminent business man. Andrew Carnegie, although not a heroic figure, is a legend to the business world due to his innovative pioneering, business techniques, and leadership expertise. Furthermore, Andrew Carnegie was gifted with a vision on unique ideas. In 1872, Carnegie seized the opportunity to partner with Henry Bessemer, the inventor of steel, and build a steel mill (Document 1). Carnegie realized that iron didn’t have the capacity to succeed, because of its fragile structure. As a brilliant business man, he managed to overcome the situation. Yet, that was not is only unprecedented idea. Carnegie was unimpressed with Horizontal integration, which was a method that composed of strategical prices that eventually led your competitor out of business. Andrew Carnegie revolutionized the business world with his contribution of vertical integration. Vertical Integration allowed a company to controls its production and distribution (Document 5). In other terms, the company would buy out all the means to make their product (Document 5). Carnegie bought out all aspects of productions ranging from Iron Mining Companies to Boat companies and Port Facilities…
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