Andrew Carnegie vs. Sam Walton

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Carnegie Vs. Walton In this essay I was asked to compare Wal-Mart's Sam Walton to a 19th century business tycoon. I chose to do Andrew Carnegie who was the leader of the steel industry in the late 1800's. Both these men had different views on competition, government involvement, interaction with labor and charity. Andrew Carnegie helped build the American steel industry. He was born in 1835 in Dunfermline, Scotland, to Margaret and Will Carnegie. The Carnegies are one of the many working-class families in Dunfermline. The family left the poverty of Scotland for the possibilities in America in 1848 and settled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As he got older, he moved rapidly through a series of jobs with the Western Union and the…show more content…
Carnegie played a big role into society. He established over 2,500 public libraries as well as supporting institutions of higher learning. By the time Carnegie's life was over, he gave away 350 million dollars to charity. When Carnegie sold his steel business he gave his fortune away to cultural, educational and scientific institutions for "the improvement of mankind. This included the building of 3,000 public libraries, the Carnegie Institute of Pittsburgh, the Carnegie Institute of Technology and the Carnegie Institution of Washington for research into the natural and physical sciences. Carnegie also established the Endowment for International Peace in an effort to prevent future wars. Similar to Carnegies steel business Wal-Mart gives money away to charity as well. The make major contributions to such organizations as American Red Cross, Boys & Girls Clubs, Children's Miracle Network and the American Cancer Society as well as many others. The have given roughly one million dollars to American Heart Association, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, Give Kids the World, Special Olympics and the Young Men's Christian Association. However with the amount of money Wal-Mart brings in they have only donated less than one percent of their profits. If I could choose to emulate one business it would be Andrew Carnegie's steel business. I believe Carnegie truly used hard work and determination to open his business, he believed in traditional values such as protecting

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