Andrew Jackson: A Man of Contradition Essay

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Andrew Jackson has been described as a great hero of his time and a man who was atrocious and would destroy the Union. Andrew Jackson accomplished a great number of things during his life but some of his actions were quite questionable. Looking from the present to the past gives insight into areas where the events can be examined more objectively. However, it is vital when examining past events to keep in mind the mindsets of the past. People had a different point of view and a different perspective than the current one. This must be kept in the forward part of the mind to understand the actions of those in the past. This paper will serve as a guide into the life of Andrew Jackson, his trials and tribulations, decisions and contradictions.…show more content…
The officer raised his sword and aimed for his face, Jackson blocked with an arm and would carry that scar with him forever. After the war, Jackson began looking for his own way and jumped on the westward expansion toward Kentucky and Tennessee. Jackson apprenticed under a lawyer and later became a lawyer himself. While this might lead one to believe that he was becoming a calm man, this just was not true. Andrew Jackson was a wild child, complete with duels and gambling. He engaged in a duel with Charles Dickinson where he was shot but mortally wounded his opponent. Jackson was not without a heart. He fell in love with a woman who was already married to another man. Her name was Rachel Donelson. It is important to remember that women of this time, could not just divorce their spouses as they had no rights or property. The two young lovers ran away for six months and returned home and were married in the eyes of most. Except for her former spouse, who went to the courts and sued her for divorce, the first in Kentucky history. Rachel was the love of Andrew Jackson’s life and she kept him centered. The next period of his life would involve more war and Jackson would become “Old Hickory” to his men and the world. “His men could think of no other word to describe him than ‘tough.’Tough as hickory, which was about as hard as anyone

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