Andrew Jackson, A New School Of Thought

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As the world of academics continued to develop and stricter guidelines became more urbanized, a new school of thought under the neoconservatives, a new school of thought based on both democratic and conservative viewpoints. Under the democratic school of Jacksonian historiography is Life of Andrew Jackson, a text written by John Spencer Bassett. In Bassett’s text we continue to look with greater eyes on the shortcomings of Jackson. Bassett argues Jackson’s “lack of education, his crude judgments in many affairs, his occasional outbreaks of passion, his habitual hatred of those enemies with whom he had not made friends for party purposes, and his crude ideas of some political parties.” Bassett continues to say, “All lose some of their infelicity in the face of his brave, frank, masterly leadership of the democratic movement which then established itself in our life. . . . Few American Presidents have better lived up to the demands of the movement which brought them into power.”
However, as the ideas of Andrew Jackson continue to develop historians and writers, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. author of The Age of Jackson wrote “more can be understood about Jacksonian democracy if it is regarded as a problem not of sections but of classes.” Equally, he also claimed that by sharpening and elucidating in a brilliant and provocative manner the progressive school of interpretation further carried this view of problem not of sections but of classes. Schlesinger took his argument…

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