Andrew Jackson : A Symbol Of The Age Essay

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The United States of America has gone through huge transformation and historical events that has now given freedom and independence throughout. The freedom has been given through war and key decisions made that have eventually won its independence and created the United States of America from East to West. Andrew Jackson was the president in the early 1800’s that made a considerable amount of change. Theses changes and action that he was involved in changed America forever, in which gave him the respect from the people of America. He was a symbol for his age, becoming a true historical figure and a hero for the people. He defeated the British and expanded America to unifying and create nationalism for the common people of America. This essay will discuss the ways in which Andrew Jackson is depicted as a symbol of the age, in that he was the age. The events and action that took place to give the seventh president power and unify a nation and its own identity in the world.

War Hero

Andrew Jackson’s life endured many different events that lead to his popularity among the people of America; one of his greatest achievements came in his campaign in the military, much in the event of the Battle of New Orleans in 1812. Andrew Jackson came out as a leader; one of the common people a farm-boy that had shown real leadership. The success at war against the British gave him true recognition after Battle of New Orleans had come to an end. The news had spread of success and freedom for

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