Andrew Jackson: Conqueror of Florida

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Andrew Jackson: Conqueror of Florida In the early 1800’s, Spain had little control of their territory south of the border of the American border, Florida. Indian tribes often raided towns in Southern American, then back to Florida to safety. America’s new mission was to seize Florida from Spain in order to protect itself from further attack. It seems that the tough and volatile Andrew Jackson was the only one to do it. Jackson’s nickname, Old Hickory, was fitting. Hickory was long held as the toughest wood in the forest, completely indestructible. Jackson lived up to his moniker. He previously earned recognition as an Indian fighter, and defeated the Creek tribes to carve out 23 million acres of land for the US, in what is now Georgia…show more content…
He added this personal hatred to the already present hostility. On April 26, court convened and found both men guilty and they were sentenced to death. Arbuthnot was hanged and Ambruster was supposed to be shot, but instead got fifty lashes and the ball and chain for a year. After all was said and done, Jackson had used nine-pound cannons on Fort Barracas, opened fire on the Spaniards, and effectively conquered Florida. His fiery temper and bad disposition led to at least one success for America. If he was healthy at the time of the conquest, he surely would’ve made an attempt to conquer Cuba. His exploits had caused an international incident for which there was no precedent. He gave Spain and England a cause for war. The crisis put Monroe in a difficult position. Jackson overstepped his bounds, and congressmen wanted Jackson censured for usurping their powers. Next he conquered Washington, with his immense popularity amongst agrarian and patriotic Americans. But once Spain ceded Florida for $5 million, Jackson’s “bad taste” soon became
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