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There are many things that set Andrew Jackson apart from other presidents. His policies and personality set him apart from most. Although he was the seventh president, he was the first in many ways. Jackson was the first president to be born in a log cabin, and he was the first president to ride on a railroad train. Along with that, he was the only president to serve in both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.
Andrew Jackson was also the first to have a vice-president (John C. Calhoun) resign, he was the first to marry a divorcee, he was the first to be nominated at a national convention, the first to use an informal “Kitchen Cabinet” of advisors, and he was the first president to use the “pocket
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The next year, Jackson was elected to be a U.S. senator by the Tennessee legislator. However, he only served on session before he resigned. Following his resignation, he served six years on the Tennessee Supreme Court as a judge.
Jackson’s military career resurfaced in 1802 when he was named major general of the Tennessee militia. Ten years later, he was give the rank of major general of U.S. forces. In 1814, he was advanced to major general in the regular army.
General Andrew Jackson came out as a national hero after the War of 1812, mainly because of the defeat of the British at the Battle of New Orleans. This was when Jackson received the nickname of “Old Hickory.” He had been directed to march his troops to Mississippi, but upon their arrival, they were told to disband because they were no longer needed. Jackson refused to disband, and proceeded to march his 2,500 troops back to Tennessee. His strict discipline led his troops to call him “Old Hickory” because they believed him to be as tough as hickory wood, and the nickname stuck.
Before Jackson’s presidency, he was known as a great fighter who didn’t let anyone mess with him. As stated in the Brittanica Encyclopedia, Charles Dickinson once insulted Jackson’s wife, Rachel Donelson Jackson, and Jackson challenged him to a duel with pistols. Andrew stood there

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