Andrew Jackson Good Or Bad

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Andrew jackson was one of those people and president you didn’t want to mess with he always fought for aner and never fought for greed and he was like a man's man he almost always did the right thing and what he did as a president to.that is what i am going to talk about. the first thing was his childhood he was struck by a british slogar because andrew didn’t want to clean the slogar boots then him and his brother were put in a camp for prisoners and they got small pox on the way there there mom worked hard to get them out of the camp as soon as they were out him and his mother and brother rushed to their home to treat him and his brothers smallpox. His brother died on the way their and andrew survived the smallpox because his mom nernst him to health then this mother dies of a different disease than his brother .…show more content…
Then he found out he was on the wrong path so he stop and worked to become a loler first he was bad at writy but people knew what he meant .He became part of a kansal for the law then he quit to join the the army he became a general of the government he helped push back the british soldiers and he fought the red sticks to keep the peace in the usa . the third thing was that the he what to become president he lost the first election but won the second one and as he was president he made the national bank lost their power . he was the first one that made the indian removal act real. he only had one wife and if you were indain would you like or dislike Andrew
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