Andrew Jackson Rises Up From Nothing

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In the early 1829, Andrew Jackson rises up from nothing to create the modern presidency in the United States. He became the seventh Precedent of the United States he was known for founding the Democracy party, and for his support of individual liberty. Andrew Jackson was born in March 15, 1767 in Waxhaw’s. Who later became a lawyer and a landowner. He became a national War hero after defeating the British in New Orleans during the War of 1812. His wife Rachel Jackson who he was married for 37 years had passed away 1 year before he became the President of the United States. He was hated by the people and loved by the others, but it never stops him to create the country for what it is now today. Andrew fought his way up to power even though, he came from an orphan never stop him from dream of one day becoming the Precedent of the U.S. He angles the nation that will cause democracy in many ways that some would never agree with him. Although, he had mid crises due to his private life he manages to overcome the obstacles and brought victory in his years of precedency.
Andrew Jackson was the first president to invited the public to attend the inauguration ball at the White House he earned his popularity by opening the door to thousands of people. Jackson was the first president to accomplished his promises he made to the country. He did the Rotation in Office, reform the Banks of the United States, relocated the Indians and the most important one he pay the National Debt. He…

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