Andrew Jackson : The Age Of Jackson

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In 1828, otherwise known as “The Age of Jackson”, America was a country on its way to the West. America’s revolutionary generation was quickly fading, making room for a new balance of political power. As the class systems were breaking down, the “common man” was better able to cast his vote for the new President. Jackson was glorified by his impressive war accomplishments and humble background of the frontier. This made him the main target for presidency in election 1824. Once coming to power, Jackson no longer portrayed humble beginnings, but became a conundrum to the people he was leading by removing indians from their homeland and forcing them West. His use of power can be debated based on the state of the country thereafter. Although Andrew Jackson was dubbed “The People 's President”, his time in office reflected a very different outcome. First, Andrew Jackson was highly revered for his humble beginnings. Jackson was born on March 15,1767, in a region between North Carolina and South Carolina called Waxhaws. Born to Andrew and Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson who were Irish colonists that emigrated to America in 1765. Jackson was born just three weeks after his father’s unexpected death (“Andrew Jackson Biography”). Jackson grew up in poverty in the Waxhaws wilderness, but received an irregular education before the Revolutionary War (Freidel). After one of his older brothers died in 1779, in the Battle of Stone Ferry, Jackson joined a community militia when he was only…

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