Andrew Jackson : The Second President Of The United States

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Andrew Jackson, more commonly known as the seventh president of the United States, was a symbolic figure of the democratic advances of his time (1767 – 1845). He was also able to strengthen the power of presidential office in America. His journey to these accomplishments was not always easy but he was still a strong enough man to make them happen.
Andrew Jackson was born March 15, 1767, in a settlement called Waxhaw. This settlement was made up of Scotch-Irish immigrants and located in along the border between North and South Carolina. Although where he was born was in dispute between each other he considered himself a South Carolina native. Unfortunately Andrew’s father died before he was born and his mother moved in with relatives along with her three small boys. Jackson was able to attend several schools and receive an elementary education but was not all for it.
After the American Revolution Jackson’s childhood had been wiped away along with his remaining immediate family. At the young age of 13 Jackson and his brother Robert Jackson served as attendants against the British. Soon after in 1781 they were both captured and taken to a prison where they contracted smallpox. Soon after the boys were released Robert had died from the disease. After the war was over Andrew was the only person in his family still standing. Therefore Jackson was a veteran and left as an orphan at the age of 15.
As Jackson moved on from the war he drifted from job to job and found himself in a…
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