Andrew Jackson Was A War Hero Essay

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Andrew Jackson was a war hero, a charismatic leader and a champion of common white American people. However, for some his critics he was a democratic autocrat, urban savage and atrocious saint. Andrew Jackson was most revered for his war heroics in 1812 but became one of the most controversial figures in American history. Andrew Jackson fervently believed that the key to American greatness was the small self-employed farmers and in order to continue this greatness, the expansion to the west was imperative so that each new generations could have farms of their own. It was this idea which made him a forceful proponent of Indian removal. And what followed was the most brutal period in American History.
In early 19th century, in order to grow the cotton industry, white farm owners pressurized the government to encroach towards the south to incorporate more farm fields for increased plantation. The only barrier in their route was Native American tribes that settled the south eastern region. This land was home to the so called five civilized tribes Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Chicasaw and Seminole. These tribes were called civilized by the Anglo Americans for their efforts to assimilate into white American culture. This region inhabited by native American tribes was fertile and valuable to say the least. White settlers were cognizant of the value it was going to add to their wealth. Therefore, the government was going to do anything it takes to get the hold of the land for their
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