Andrew Jackson 's Influence On American History

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Andrew Jackson is probably one of the most influential and possibly one of the most dynamic figures in American history. He was a great general and fine president. Although branded with unpleasant baggage of the infamous “trail of tears”, and furrowing the nation into its first economic depression (which his successor Van Buren who caught the panic of 1837). Andrew Jackson accomplished so much for the United States that he changed the “American Dream” into what is it today, by emphasizing any person can achieve anything, he temporarily revived the nation’s deteriorating economy, and his hatred for the British; had formed values of every American. Thus, Andrew Jackson is a key figure to the United States of America that allows its values to…show more content…
Calhoun before he ran for Vice President. Such factors were the biases of the country such as states’ rights, and slavery, the Jeffersonian era (which emphasizes almost any man can achieve greatness), and the many political parties. With this election, there are two main parties at play, the National Republicans, which a continuation of many values of Federalism, and the Democratic Republicans, which stands most of Jackson’s values due to his values closely resembling those of Thomas Jefferson, the creator of the Democratic Party. The election of 1824 is highlighted with the “corrupt bargain” where Henry Clay, the head of the house of representatives decides to endorse Adams so he can win the election, and defeat the popular Andrew Jackson. Enraged by this his hatred toward the National Banks grew tremendously due to Adams liking the bank. Which is very important for his election in 1828 and what he does during his term.
The election of 1828 is probably the dirtiest competition in the history of the United States. John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson insulted each other so much it was the pettiest rivalry in history. The consequences were that ugly truths and misconceptions were released, especially for Andrew Jackson regarding accusations of adultery with a non-settled legalization of marriage with his wife and executions of militia during the war of 1812. This election is significant to the impact of the United
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