Andrew Jackson's Presidency Essay

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Andrew Jackson was like no other president before him. The previous presidents had one thing in common, they were all part of the founding fathers or in John Quincy Adam’s case was the son of a founding father. However Jackson was a plantation owner from the west who had no connections with the government. He also had different views from other presidents that made his presidency unique. Two things that separated Andrew Jackson’s presidency from previous presidencies were he reached out to the common people and he was disapproving of the Bank of United States. One of the ways Andrew Jackson was different than the previous presidents was he connected with the common people. During his second election Jackson won by speaking to the middle-…show more content…
Unlike the 1824 election Jackson won his presidency by the people’s voted and not the votes of the government. Even after he won the election he started the spoil system, where he threw out former appointees and replaced them with his friends. He also gave jobs to the Jacksonians, average citizens who were loyal to him. The Jacksonians became his primary advisors and earned their name, the “kitchen cabinet” because they would come into the White House through the kitchen. Jackson’s election brought a new style to campaigning. Another reason why Andrew Jackson’s presidency was different was because of his attack on the Bank of the United States. In 1832, Andrew Jackson vetoed the bill to recharter the bank. Jackson believed the bank had an unfair advantage over the other banks. The national bank would get all the federal tax revenues instead of the state or private banks. Also the bank’s president, Nicholas Biddle would extend loans to the men in the congress at lower rates of interest than he would do to regular people. Because Jackson thought the bank was unjust he took away its federal charter and the bank became a state bank. Jackson appointed a secretary of treasury after his reelection in 1832. The secretary of treasury placed all government funds in certain state banks, otherwise known as the pet banks. The national bank became the Philadelphia bank for a while until it went out of business. To conclude Andrew Jackson’s presidency was
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