Andrew Mason Rise and Fall of Groupon

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1. How would you describe the leadership skills of Andrew Mason? How would you rate his leadership style? In what ways does he fit the profile of the typical business founder? In what ways is he different?
We can agree that every leader is unique in their own way, given that their individual traits are what qualify them as leaders in their own way. This being said certain characteristics might cause you to be a exceptional/average/bad leader. In addition to your personal abilities, there are many external factors that influence your management.
Andrew Mason brought to the table a rare set of traits, which normally aren’t found in CEOs of companies of this magnitude. He was often referred to as a goofball and as a big kid. These are
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Yet what separates Google from Groupon at that time is that there is a difference between controlled freedom and freedom. Even if there is a freedom in the workplace, boundaries need to be set in order for employee to act freely upon those limits. Another negative aspect of the whole Groupon organization problem was there immense amount of personal.

3. Do you think that it was because of Mason that Groupon was unable to transition smoothly through it’s growth and development stages, or can you identify other possible causes?
Certainly he committed many mistakes and lacked much knowledge in order to manage a company with such exponential growth, yet the blame doesn’t fall entirely on him. His failure wasn’t due to being a bad leader or CEO; he failed because he would never be capable of managing a company of such size. To operate a business of such a size not only do you need knowledge and strategies, you also need a well-prepared team in order to help you manage the company. Being a music major wasn’t to his advantage here, especially since his company was growing so quickly. Furthermore the niche market, which Groupon is based on, consists purely of marketing and promotional advertising. This is a delicate market because ruining your image would entail loosing a great majority of clients.
Just because you came up with an idea, doesn’t mean you are fit to lead. This is similar to what happens with writers and directors; just because you wrote a novel
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