Andrew Robinson Goes to Taiwan

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Abhishek Kulshrestha

Andrew Robinson Goes to Taiwan
Background. There was no doubt that Andrew as a software developer was exceptionally brilliant at what he did. Having joined the subsidiary of a major multinational telecommunications equipment supplier in Sydney; Telequip, was a feather on his cap. Having lived in Australia all his life, and not knowing a single foreign language was only the beginning of his problems with the Telequip-Taicom assignment. On hindsight, Andrew seemed to have a very sorted and satisfied personal life and a contractual agreement of this kind was a jolt out of his comfort zone, which is something he couldn’t handle to the best of his capabilities. The only
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Moving onto the second part of the problem, Andrew’s relationship with Taicom. The fact that there isn’t much information about the same in the case speaks volumes. Andrew remarks towards the end of the case that ‘they weren’t exactly buddies’. Probably a certain decorum must be maintained in a workplace especially in a country like China, but the way that the management of Taicom expressed only their dissatisfaction removing all scope of vertical or horizontal communication was again a major drop. They also didn’t help a foreigner in their country settle down with basic amenities like housing and food etc. Nor were they open to delineating the short term and long term plans in a precise manner.
On hindsight, it would have probably been better if Andrew’s wife was allowed to accompany him and their residences arranged prior to their arrival. The frequent trips to Sydney could have been avoided that way and would have been more cost-effective to Telecom and would have been helpful in creating an emotionally stable environment for Andrew. Telequip also washed their hand off in terms of looking for accommodation for Andrew and logically, one cannot expect a man to focus on his job with no roof on his head. Some amount of prior training in terms of the place, their cultural practices and most importantly the language would have been ideal. However, if this was not possible due to the constraints in
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