Andrew Wyeth Christina's World

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Christina’s World by American painter Andrew Wyeth is a perfect example of painting to represented United State was like in 1948. Andrew Wyeth, son of N.C. Wyeth, was a 20th century painter known for his realism in portraiture and pastorals, as seen in the iconic "Christina's World." Andrew Newell Wyeth III was born on July 12, 1917, in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, h was the the youngest of five siblings of his both parent, mother Carolyn and father N.C. Wyeth, the famed illustrator. N.C.
Wyeth is a contemporary realist painter and he’s specialized in portraiture and interior genres of art. He was the last-born child in his family. During his early childhood, Wyeth was constantly struck by various illnesses. As a result, Wyeth did not get to
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