Andrew Young Essay

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Andrew Young Essay

One of the most influential black politicians in American history, Andrew Young has made countless contributions towards the advancement of civil liberties across the globe. In the third chapter of Andrew J. DeRoche’s biography Andrew Young: Civil Rights Ambassador, he successfully details how Young applied his experience in the Civil Rights Movement to his political career to help achieve peace and promote human rights in the United States and throughout the developing world. DeRoche’s research uses many primary sources such as a personal interview, excerpts from Young’s own autobiography, and direct quotes from speeches he made in Congress, making his study both thorough and reliable. Ultimately, DeRoche’s
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Young later led the opposition against a proposed amendment that would approve a 45 day long bombardment of Cambodia. Inspired by a civil rights movement strategy, he along with twenty-five other new congressman marched into the Speaker of the House’s office “to demand [a] vote on the cutoff of funds for the bombing of Cambodia” (DeRoche, 45) Thanks to his “demonstration,” the amendment went to a vote. With an eloquent speech during the debate before the vote, Young declared that the attack would be a “waste of resources and human life” (DeRoche, 46), and argued that the $202.5 million that it would cost would be far better spent on schools and homes in America.

Still in his first year in Congress, Young turned his attention to Angola, Mozambique, and Guinea-Bissau, who were struggling to gain independence from Portugal. Portugal was desperate to stay in control of their remaining African colonies, and was receiving financial and military aid from America which they used to help their cause. Young was a strong advocate for these fledgling African nations, and immediately pointed out the numerous human rights violations they suffered at the hands of the Portuguese. In 1973, Young proposed an amendment that would ban Portugal from using American aid towards
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