Andrew and Paris: The Mobster Falls in Love

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Andrew picked up the newspaper and from the table and handed it to his father. Mr. Wallace began read and read something about The Red Scare. "Did you hear about how everyone is scared of Communism taking over?" Andrew asked his father. "Yes my boy, but it doesn't affect us yet, we're still making money so let's not worry about this right now", Mr. Wallace replied. "Okay, well I'm going to go and get ready", said Andrew. Just as Andrew was about to leave the living room, the door bell rang. He went to open the large, ornate doors to let his father's close friend, Jesse Smith, in. Jesse hugged Andrew; Jesse loved Andrew like his very own son. Afterwards, Andrew excused himself to leave again. Mr. Wallace and Mr. Smith stayed in the living room and chatted about what was lately happening in the news. Andrew strode to his room and called his own best friend Mark Roberts. They agreed to meet at the Wallace Penthouse, the largest penthouse in New York. Andrew got dressed and went down to the living room to tell his father that he was going out. "Hey dad, I'm going to the penthouse", said Andrew. "Alright son, I might be there later for a drink or two", said Mr. Wallace. Andrew bid his father and Mr. Smith farewell and left. As he made his way to the penthouse, he…
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