Androcentrism - Essay

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The definition of Androcentrism is, “an ideological focus on males and men, and issues affecting them, possibly to the detriment of females.” Theory and reality is that humanity is male and man defines woman, not in herself but as relative to him. Looking through many different theories, cultures and history, it is proven and shown that males have always been the center of society. The real question is should males be the center or society, what gives them the right because everyone is supposed to be made equal?

Feminine Mystique was considered as the problem with no name. Here the females were often considered the “no name”. The illustration given was a mother, all her kids left for college, and now they question who they are. They
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This would make sense that sin, evil desire did start from man, and this would change the whole story and reality itself because the male would be the weak sinner who must be defined through women. Three answers symbolize Eve’s mindset regarding the apple though, “the first is woman as being a sexually dangerous being. Insufficient obedience not only to God but to man as well and vanity in supposing that she might conceivably be “like God.” All these three are seen as truth, yet how can one supposedly weak and fragile person be so strong to make another individual be tempted and thus sin?

“She has always been considered above him or below him, behind him, beside him, a wholly relative existence.” This truth and statement made is reality even to this day. Yet as it is changing with people moving up in different areas and positions: such as Sarah Palin, Lisa Leslie, Ronda Rousey, Michelle Obama, or Elizabeth Blackwell; all these women in some form or fashion have changed the world, and changed the way for upcoming women. It is blasphemous to say that women are weak when they seem as the most powerful creatures. Women have been fighting for years for their voice to be heard and for freedom and equality on their end, such as getting a chance just to vote which did not go nationwide in the United States of America until
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