Androgyny: Rejection Of Gender Roles

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After completing the quiz, I was not surprised by the results and I feel as if this test was fairly accurate. My results came back as 64% feminine and 58% masculine; thus, stating it makes me an undifferentiated-androgynous. Androgyny is the blending of masculine and feminine characteristics, basically just a rejection of gender roles. This test does in fact reflect the way I view gender roles or my own in general. Growing up my parents tried to stay away from assigning my brother and I any specific gender roles. Instead, they allowed us to act and/or do what we pleased. Growing up my brother would play dress up with me and I would play cars with him. We were never raised to think girls only play with dolls, boys only play with toy guns, girls are the homemaker, and boys bring in the money from their job.…show more content…
In my view, I do not agree with assigning individuals specific gender roles based on whether they are female or male. I believe we should overlook the traits that are constructed for a specific gender and engage without restrictions in any kind of behavior an individual pleases. In my opinion, there should not be a separation of masculine or feminine behaviors. Furthermore, since this test was written I believe our notions of gender have evolved immensely. For example, many people like myself are starting to break away from the idea of gender roles and are not assigning certain characteristics to people based off their gender. Additionally, it is becoming more common for people to be born a female, but identify as a male and vice
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