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Seriously we don’t know what it meant by M. But probably the next android version is android M. And many nexus users are selected for it to run and test the android M.

Developers from Android M are running the user interface to check the possible errors and bugs coming on android M and to testify the common issues to get fixed them before the proper OTA update to newer smartphones and then the older ones.

Install Android M

I am pretty sure after reading this you are well interested to check android M on your own device for the existing period of time and to check the compliance of this version with the older ones or how they compete the other versions of android. So in case i ma telling you guys you can install Android M developer
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What You Need
In pre installation of android M you have to get know how of some things.

Install Android M

System image. Go to Android developers website and find the right version for your mobile, when you find it, download it to your desktop, its almost in sine of more than half gb or 600mb.
Fastboot tool. It is a half part of Android SDK (Software Development Kit), and can be found on a different page of the developer website. Go to the SDK Tools section of the Android Studio page and download best suitable and match able for your device
Now extract the image file in a separate folder on your computers desktop. When you setup the fastboot you will be ready to install Android M.

Using Fastboot On Windows, Mac, And Linux
I am gonna tell you what is fastboot before sticking to that word. Its kind of a tool that let you able to send commands from your alptop to your phone or tablet through the USB without the device being booted into Android. here in our work, we’ll be sending and installing the system image from the desktop to the device.

Install Android M

Now you have to boot into fast boot mode of your nexus. For this you have to enable USB debugging in your mobile. You can enable it in settings>developer settings. Now turn off the mobile and power on it bu simultaneously pressing power button and both volume keys together. This will make you enter into
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