Android Lab Report

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5.2. Residual Artifacts on Android Devices In these experiments, we performed a series of read, upload, and download operations on the sample data-set. The important parts and files of each browser are listed in Table-3. The investigation of each operation on each experimental VM is exposed in the later tables. This experiment found that the majority of artifacts are stored in database files of the storage layer of Android. File Viewer plus [4] HHHexEditorNeo [7] and SQLite DB Browser [14] are used to decrypt the encrypted databases and to view the contents of the DB file. Table 3. Important parts and files of browsers Android Default Browser Data Path Cache /data/data/ History…show more content…
This operation is tested on “Read VM” then examined and analyzed. And then, we download the data-set from the CDH Cloud by testing on “Download VM”. Finally, the data-set is uploaded to the CDH Cloud from “Upload VM” and then examined and analyzed. The residual artifacts which are left on the experimental Android devices while performing the operation are shown as the following Table-5. Table 5. Artifacts of browsers for primary file Operation File name Artifacts Android Default Browser Read Operation databases/browser2.db/ histroy databases/browser2.db/ images URL, web page, file name , date Download Operation webviewCacheChromium.db/cookies - URL, date /data/data/ - File name, directory Upload Operation
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