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The review of the related literature focuses on Android Application Development which is making its place as a competitor in the mobile application technology. The review will explore how Android develops and deepens its open source applications and related functions. It also aims to gain background knowledge for the study. Similarities and differences of the literature are also provided for critique of the research.

Foreign Literature
Android Application Development
R. Rogers, J. Lombardo, Z. Mednieks and B. Meike (2009)
This in-depth book provides the concepts and code that is needed to start building smartphone applications with Android programming environment. Android Application Development
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Android users through the use of SMS messaging, these two projects will serve as a solid starting point for building real-life tablet applications.
Beginning Android Tablet Application Development, like the proponents’ study, covers Android User Interface, Using Eclipse for Android Development and Using the Android Emulator but it will not cover location-based services applications. The material helped the proponents identify different versions of the Android platform. Since it was created in the year 2011, there are two lacking Android versions which was developed later on. Through this, the study will significantly know how to obtain the tools and SDK then develop a simple Android application or progressively write sophisticated applications that will be favorable for the users. It is beneficial for the proponents’ study to have this literature because its main objective is to create and develop an application which will later on be placed on a tablet and mobile phone.

Edutainment Animated Folktales Software to Motivate Socio-Cultural Awareness
N. A. M. Zin and N. Y. M. Nasir (2007)
Rapid advancement in the field of technology has also changed the landscape of education and entertainment. In the field of education, instructions can be delivered using well designed interactive multimedia application software (which will fall under Edutainment). Multimedia technology enables

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