Android Platform & Malware Software

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These Aren’t the Smartphones You Think They Are

1. Introduction:
In this paper the discussion is about Android platform & malware software. It has a wide range of vulnerabilities, one of the main reason is any developer can upload an application in the android store without any restrictions as apple does. The main theme was to find vulnerability in android operating system and to research in depth to find the reason that made the system vulnerable. Android is a complete operating environment based upon the Linux V2.6 Kernel. Initially the deployment target for android was the mobile-phone arena, including smart phones and lower-cost flip-phone devices. However, Android 's full range of computing services and rich functional support has
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Later this attack got exploited for performing remote execution to take control over user device.
The research was extended to Google Bouncer also called as defender, a strategy adopted by Google Inc. in order to defend against malicious app uploaded in the play store. The most important and key point in this part of research was Google policy of “Security by Obscurity” in order to defend against malicious app upload (i.e.) everything was functioning properly until the defence mechanism got revealed by the Finger printing attack by two security researchers in order to understand the security of the bouncer.
Cross site scripting is one of the most frequent cyber-attacks and it ranked number three in the OWASP top ten for the current year (2013), it is very simple to trick the user to click on a malicious link the attacker has even more advantage if the user is browsing in the phone, The one more interesting thing to be noted in Android is in order to increase the usability it doesn’t give an on-device prompt for the user, if the user is logged in the desktop. The attacker simply needs to know is the legitimate users credentials associated with the Google account.
Android and IOS differs in the way of providing security to the devices. The main difference is IOS provides security to the apps in the app-store, by signing it (i.e.) no app can enter the Apple’s app-store without Apple’s approval. This is not in the case of android the
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