Android Vs Apple Vs Android

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One well known ongoing controversy is Apple versus Android. Many buyers want to know which phone will be more dependable in long run, so they will not have to purchase another one anytime soon. People have become biased toward which device they believe performs better and will not try and use any other programmed device. There are also those who like to experiment and try a new something new, and love and switch or hate and remain loyal to their original buy. People are subjective to their own decisions there is no hard proof that one is more significantly greater than the other. Important aspects are taken into consideration when purchasing a phone such as: hardware, software, and the basics. The way these devices perform paves how they will appeal to potential buyers. Durability is important, because nobody wants a phone that will crack with the slightest drop. However, people are tending to lie less on this factor because of lifeproof, waterproof, shockproof, shatterproof, etc. cases that were developed. Battery life is a key factory in anything technological because people want a reliable phone that they know will hold out. Both parties allow users to view their battery life and even put it on low power mode. However, Android released a gadget that allows phones to charge faster and wirelessly, feeling defeated Apple decided to launch the same thing. The only downside to this is that with IOS it has to be purchased separately just like the air pod earphones, which are
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