Android vs Apple Essay

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Two operating systems currently dominate the smartphone market, Apple and Android. It all started six years ago when Google launched its android system. However, its approach was much different. Google had made just the software, not the device, giving the software free to phone makers to alter and adjust in anyway they pleased to fit their over 70 different phones. Google believed that by offering it free, in the long run would create more internet friendly phones and more ad views for Google. I think that this strategy was successful due to the fact that Android is the world’s most popular operating system loved by many smartphone users. My point here, that Android is the better operating system, than Apple, should interest those who are…show more content…
In Manjoo’s view, “It’s hard to call Android anything other than a resounding success. Well, except for one small thing: Most Android phones are crap” (Manjoo). Although Manjoo acknowledges the fact that Android is a very successful company, in making this comment he rejects to succumb to the extremely popular operating system that is Android. The unresponsive touchscreen, unnecessary software, overall layout of the home screen is unattractive and difficult to comprehend and the overall cheapness of the phones frustrated Manjoo. I believe that one of Android’s main problem is not the software but the companies providing the service. Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T all add extra adware to Android devices that are paid for by companies such as Blockbuster and NFL which cannot be removed from the phone. Consequently, the perfect phone expected by the consumer is not being delivered. Manjoo is wrong when he claims “Most android phones are crap” (Manjoo). This is not to say Android is completely flawless, but rather it’s good qualities and characteristics outway its bad. I believe that those unfamiliar with this school of thought may be interested to know that it basically boils down to what level of technology experience you possess not just the basics of the phone’s manufacturing. Android phones are for tech savvy users that like to have 100% control of what they own. From the layout of
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