Android vs Iphone

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from Sam Costello for article iPhone vs Android: Which smartphone should you buy? Hardware is the first place that the differences between the iPhone and Android become clear. Apple is the only company that makes iPhones, giving it extremely tight control over how the software and hardware work together. On the other hand, Google offers its Android software to many phone makers (Samsung, HTC, LG, and Motorola, among others, offer Android phones). As a result, Android phones vary quite a bit in size, weight, features, user experience, and quality. Apple offers users a single choice: what model of iPhone do you want (5, 4S or 4), not what…show more content…
Add that to the battery-intensive apps Android phones run (including some in the background that the user doesn’t necessarily know are there), a charge every day (or less) isn’t unheard of. If you're looking for the biggest screens available on smartphones, Android is your clear choice. It's not uncommon to find Android phones with 4.3-inch screens, and the HTC One X offers a 4.7-inch screen, while the Samsung Galaxy Note stretches the ruler at 5.3 inches. So, for sheer size, Android it is. While Apple long held to the 3.5-inch screen size, the iPhone 5 brings a 4-inch screen. However, instead of making the entire device proportionally bigger, and therefore a less comfortable fit in the hand, Apple made the screen taller, but not wider. This allows the phone to still be easily used with one hand. Besides that, the Retina Display technology gives the iPhone's screen much higher pixel density (how many pixels can fight in the same physical space; the more pixels the better the image) than many Android screens. Still, if it's raw size you're after, Android's the choice, but not by much. For the fastest wireless Internet experience, you have to go to Android. That's because--for now--only Android devices support true 4G LTE networking, the wireless data standard that is succeeding, and outspeeding, 3G. If you like to have a lot of choices, Android is your best bet. Just like there are many Android phones from many companies, you can also get
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