Androids vs Iphones

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Selena Velazquez Professor Marek SEC 76 3-24-13 Androids vs iPhones You walk down any average hallway, office building, school, or restaurant and guaranteed there will be at least one person glued to their phone. The society that consumers of this decade have evolved in is most definitely based on technology whether it be tablets, cell phones or portable gaming consoles we rely a little too much on technology. What seems to be the biggest disagreement in the world of cellular devices is between which is better the iPhone or Android phone? There are many differences and similarities between the two including screen size, hands free features and making tedious tasks easier for users. In the world of technology there is a very famous…show more content…
There are many features that the iPhone simply performs exceptionally better then the Android but when it comes to certain apps such as online banking from your wireless phone is The Android makes making payments a breeze as described in consumer reports, “Right now, only Android phones support wireless NFC (near-field communication) technology, which enables you to pay for products and services at store registers or over the Internet using apps linked to one or more of your financial accounts. While iPhones don 't have this payment capability, Apple iOS 6 has a feature called Passbook, which promises to be a one-stop shop for managing boarding passes, credit cards, and movie tickets, and more” (Gikas). This feature is useful among the adult crowd making it much simpler to pay bills or check accounts while on the go. Lastly one of the most important issues between the two phones is cost. Lately you see cell phones on the market for over $100. iPhone 4’s range anywhere between $200-$400 dollars depending on gigabytes, as for the android, the company ranges from about the same amount in price depending on the amount of gigabytes in the phone making price of the similarities between android and iPhones. Throughout many differences between the Android and iPhone are the most obvious the touch screen capabilities. This is the

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