Andy Biersack's Life

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Money, the root of all evil in the world. Money is the cause of a lot of evil in the world, but if used correctly, the ownership of money can help a lot of people. Ownership helps define who a person is. It plays a large role in the development of self. Ownership is crucial to the development of self, because it determines a persons’ ideals, a persons’ willingness to give, and how a person treats other. Rock star Andy Biersack inspires youth, and promotes suicide prevention worldwide. His rise to fame and increasing ownership did not change his morals. Biersack used his increasing ownership of funds to spread his beliefs further. After six years of band life, he still promotes suicide prevention, and his lyrics inspire many struggling teens to never give up. Personally, Biersack has helped me through hard times. My dad, a recovered alcoholic, caused a lot of strife within my family. When times grew hard, I would turn to his music to cheer me up.…show more content…
Several employees make less than minimum wage, and one employee stated he made twenty cents an hour. Goodwill manages to bypass the law, and treat their workers horribly. This “charity” organization barely donates two percent of their profits to actual charities, while top executives make over half a million dollars a year. Jim Gibbons let this happen to his company. He lost sight of its original purpose, and let the ownership of more money make him greedy. In comparison, I overwork myself in order to make more money. I like to feel financially secure. Gibbons let the ownership of more funds turn him into a tyrannical leader in his company. Ownership helps define a person. It shows how a person uses what they own that defines and develops a persons’ self. Ownership is paramount to the development of self. Money may be the root of all evil, but the ownership of money can help develop leaders to further help and support other
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