Andy Goldsworthy Case Study

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Andy Goldsworthy Case Study

Andy Goldsworthy is a famous British sculptor whose influences come primarily from the environment around him and the way society interacts with nature. His work is constructed solely from objects found in the environment he is working in the aim of the work itself to become a part of the environment around it, interacting with it in a way that makes it seem entirely out of place yet still in sync with what is around it. His own influences and connections to nature show through in the work he creates illustrating his the relations and experiences he has found through the land.

Andy Goldsworthy’s own life has a great impact on the work he creates. He was born on July 26, 1956 and grew up on the farm,
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The work itself is constructed entirely from rowan leaves of different colours that move down in a gradient of dark to light before coming to focus on an entirely black hole. The leaves are in rich, warm tones ranging from a dark, blood red colour to a lighter medium yellow colour. The eye is immediately drawn to the hole in the middle of the piece and then to the leaves that
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