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I selected Andy Warhol because I have long admired his crazy, quirky, unconventional style of producing works of art from normal, everyday subjects ranging from inanimate, normally unnoticed objects to pop culture celebrity icons. I first heard of him in 1986 when his show Andy Warhol's Fifteen Minutes aired on MTV. The show featured Andy interviewing what he thought was the next up-and-coming musical sensations about to get their "fifteen minutes of fame."

Two years later on a poster in the mall at a Spencer's store I saw Warhol's famous Campbell's Soup Can work of art. At first glance I thought the poster was ridiculous because it featured such a simplistic, moronic image. Then, my artistic eye and appreciation for the eccentric
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His duplicating the same image over and over again on the same piece signifies to me the redundancy corporate America uses to persuade us to crave certain products or celebrities.

Andy Warhol's Marilyn is among my favorite pieces. This piece forever embalms her beautiful smile and glamorous look. The repetition, (should you explain a bit about the repetition in the work?) which is also shown in Elvis Presley, Jackie's, Liz, etc., gives me a startling look into the fame and usually misfortune of some of the world's largest icons.

Warhol's Thirty-two Soup Cans is another good example. The piece depicts sameness (though with different labels): same brand, same size, and same paint surface. It mimics the condition of mass advertising, out of which his sensibility had grown.

Although the movies that Warhol made are a bit obscure to say the least, I admire his boldness in making movies that are about nothing. He started producing and directing when he bought his first 16 mm movie camera in 1963. His first film entitled Sleep featured a man asleep in bed for eight hours. His purpose was said to "control the viewer's attention and make them look at something they normally wouldn't notice." Other films such as Chelsea Girls and Empire became underground classics. Unfortunately I haven't seen and cannot find any of these films. Ironically, my own style of video recording and being an aspiring director have

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