Andy Warhol

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Andy Warhol was one of the most popular artists of his time in the 1960s, producing over 2,247 works. He was born under the name Andrew Warhola on August 6th of 1928 into a small apartment in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was born to Andrej and Julia Warhola, the youngest of three boys. However, in 1974 the family moved closer to their church and were dedicated Catholics, regularly attending mass and observing their Eastern European heritage. Whilst a child, Warhol suffered from many ailments. One of these was a neurological disorder called Sydenham's chorea, commonly called St. Vitus dance. This resulted in involuntary movements, occasionally keeping him home from school. During this time spent away, he would read magazines. His parents…show more content…
During this time, he dropped the final “a” in his last name Warhola, leaving him with the last name Warhol. His work first appeared in 1949, contained in an issue of Glamour magazine. He illustrated for a story called “What is Success?” and took off from there, becoming an award-winning illustrator throughout the 1950’s. Warhol’s obsession with beauty bled into his career, and he was often basking in his status of fame. In Warhol’s painting Eight Elvises, a pretty straight-forward title, eight men strongly resembling Elvis Presley are scattered across the page in a line. His clothing is a white button-up with a popped out collar, the first few buttons undone to reveal a little of his chest. He is wearing a holster and a belt along his jeans, tied together with cowboy boots for the cowboy look. His posture and stance depicts drawing a gun and preparing to shoot. This piece is not colorful, instead using gray and black values and…show more content…
Warhol’s sexuality is known to be that of homosexual. The painting is of his romantic partner, John Lennon. Warhol has several pieces of this man in various form, though the same dull facial expression and glasses, though varying in color. This one in particular uses a variety of colors, most noticeably in the line art of the artwork. This draws attention to the features and structure of his face, perfectly captured under Warhol’s artistic talent. While the man’s expression is that of a resting face, the strong use of varying colors from orange, to blue, to green, this jump around the color wheel provides interest and character into the piece. His skin tone varies from the nine faces on the work, often showing contrasting colors in each face painted, making each one unique and different in it’s own way despite being the same outline and the same face and
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