Anecdotal Driving

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An overwhelming majority of Americans do not know how to drive. I admit this is a broad statement, but my personal experience, which has been direct and not anecdotal, bears this out. The first, but not the primary source of information comes from the thousands of people that I, as a docent at the world famous Petersen Automotive Museum take on tours. These tours are very interactive and many of the conversations about cars in traffic, cars at speed, car safety, etc. typically draw a response along the lines of "Really, I didn't know that". Many of the young, (barely) driving age, people on these tours admit to knowing or having participated in street racing. These drivers have virtually no experience, are driving cars that, in many cases, have ever increasing amounts of horsepower, may be turbo charged, and have handling characteristics that change dramatically at speed and are winding up in ever increasing numbers as statistics, By the way, adults are as guilty. Even more so as they have some road experience and should have more sense. This is anecdotal, but it seems that the belief is that if you can afford a fast toy with high performance characteristics (Shelby Mustang, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, Porsche, BMW, etc.) you should be able to drive it fast. Look at the accident stats. Go to a real "Performance" driving school -…show more content…
This 2 day school, run by a non profit performance car club, uses licensed Race Drivers, many with National and International experience, as instructors,. They limit class size to 26 people and has classes for 3 levels of competence. This will be the first in a series of articles that will take you through the basics of the 3 competence levels - Street Performance, Time Trial Competition and Wheel to Wheel Road
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