Angel The Second Daughter Of Father, Ronald Baxley, And Mother

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Angela “Angie” Robin Drury is the second daughter to father, Ronald Baxley, and mother, Mary Baxley. Born in Thomaston, Georgia, Angie grew up on a farm with her two sisters where she lived for 20 years. Growing up, her father being a former Navy officer, she experience a very strict household with little attention being given to her. Aside from home, Angie also experienced hardship in school being as her mother is Hispanic and father is White; growing up in the 60s and 70s was filled with no tolerance of different races, so her darker complexion made her a target a various racial terms as opposed to her older sister who inherited paler features and thrived in social settings. On top of her biracial background, Angie grew up in a household that held two different branches of Christianity, Catholic and Baptist. Though forced to practice both religions, as adult she decided to become a Baptist though she did not believe in any religion. Being that she did not like the feeling of having no control, Angie’s forced regular attendance caused her a lot of anger. As a child, Angie was content and well-mannered with the occasional angry outburst. She soon learned that the negative attention from her anger was better than no attention at all. Although known to have intense emotions, a stereotype associated with Hispanic women, she quickly developed an extroverted personality. While not a wildly as popular and social as her older sister Lynn, Angie strived to affiliate herself with a

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