Angel in the House. History Essay

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History Essay
To what extent does source G challenge the ‘Angel in the house’ described in sources C and E?
The sources C and E have similarities and differences. Source C was created in the year 1854, by the author Coventry Patmore. This poem was written at the time of his wife’s passing, conveying an idea in which we could infer that this was eulogy to his wife stating all the good things about her that he would miss, and didn’t tell her while she was living. The poem is very romanticised and religious. This can be inferred by the title given to the poem ‘The Angel in the House’ the angle is thought to have an undying love “that cannot tire.” However in contrast source E, suggests that the woman of the house is not just an angel but a
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The purposes of these texts are to show the collective attitude towards the ‘Angel in the house’ ideal.
However source G is a large contradiction, it was written in 1854 but was never published until later. It is an unpublished autobiographical novel written by Florence Nightingale. While the other sources are for the ideal of the ‘Angel in the House’ this sources rejects the idea of the altruistic character. We can infer that the author detests the idea of caring for everyone else’s needs over her own. “Women never have a half-hour in all their lives” this we can infer that Florence believes being an Angel consumes all a women’s time and energy with nothing in return. She is thought of as selfish if she has time of her own when she is not running around after her family and husband. This source states that women have written books about the subject of the ‘Angel in the house’ this could be cross referenced with Isabella Beeton’s guide in source E. Florence has commented on the uselessness of the books that idealise the idea of the ‘Angel in the house’ being the perfect role for a woman to play in society. She describes the role of the ‘Angel in the house’ as a “narrow field of development”, this we could infer that a women’s role in society is limited, and that anyone that follows the ideal of the ‘Angel in the house’

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