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During world war two, the holocaust affected millions of lives, especially those of the twins and the children at Auschwitz, who were brutally experimented on with no pan management while under the supervision of Dr. Joseph Mengele. Many died and the rest lived the rest of their lives with severe medical problems. Dr. Mengele was not a simple creature though. The creation of the Nazi angel of death began as a child in a cold distant family, and gradually evolved with his enrolling into college, joining of his political party and the military. Both of which were vital for his desire to perform his twisted experiments. Experiments that were so cruel and brutal he was forced to flee Germany after the war for fear of being put to death…show more content…
No one would dare let one of the doctors become overly ill or die from an illness. (Kor). He was infamous for going into a flurry of rage if one of his twins were to die. What was in store for the twins that he loved so much were what can only be described as the most appalling and inhumane events that occurred in the second great war. Some of the tests were fairly run of the mill, questionnaires, and height and weight measurements. Standard procedure for any doctor but the worst was yet to come. Mengele was known for many of his experiments. Just a few of his favorites were those which involved eye color, resistance to disease and live human dissection. Mengele would find pair of twins which he believed was suitable for his desired experiment. (Lagnado & Dekel). The eyes for example one twin would be a control for the experiment. The other would have a colored dye injected into their eye. No anesthesia was ever involved; the insertion of the dye often times would result in nasty infections or complete blindness. Others involved live human dissection of infants and very young children. He carried out twin-to-twin transfusions, stitched twins together, castrated or sterilized twins. Many twins had limbs and organs removed in macabre surgical procedures,

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