Angela Davis and Feminism Essay

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Mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, aunts, uncles, grandparents, pimps, prostitutes, straight people, gay people, lesbian people, Europeans, Asians, Indians, and Africans all have once thing in common: they are products of sexuality. Sexuality is the most common activity in the world, yet is considered taboo and “out of the norm” in modern society. Throughout history, people have been harassed, discriminated against, and shunned for their “sexuality”. One person who knows this all too well is activist and author, Angela Davis. From her experiences, Davis has analyzed the weakness of global society in order to propose intellectual theories on how to change the perspective of sexuality. This research paper will explore the discussions of …show more content…
Angela Davis began her college career at Brandeis University to study French which granted her the opportunity to study abroad in France. In 1963, while Davis was in France four black girls were killed in a church bombing known as the 16th Street Church Bombing. This tragedy sparked Davis’ Passion for philosophy because she was personally affected by the bombing since she knew two of the killed victims.
In 1969, Davis came back the America and joined several radical civil rights organizations. She was a member of the Communist Party, USA and a member of the Black Panther Party along with being an assistance professor at the University of California- Los Angeles (UCLA). Governor at the time, Ronald Reagan, tried to terminate her position as UCLA professor because of her Communist affiliation, but that was overturned. Yet, devastation struck only a few months later.
August 7, 1970, a young black male, Johnathan Jackson held Superior Court Judge, Harold Haley, a prosecutor, and three jury members hostage. He eventually shot and killed Judge Haley and the prosecutor. Coincidentally, the pistol Johnathan Jackson used to kill the judge and prosecutor were bought by Angela Davis a day before the shooting; therefore, Angela Davis was put on a 13 week trial for murder, kidnapping and conspiracy charges. In the end, Davis was found not guilty, yet still has to live with the

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