Angela Duckworth: The Role Of Grit In Education

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grit's salience discussion for the education has made the disadvantaged students to ignore the historical context that is rich of this long-sought trait, which as a matter of facts has also usually been the anxiety focal point that ranges from middle and upper-class parents and down to educators. One of the major functions of the grit is to act as a proxy for a type of character-building that can be prevented by privilege. Any appearance of poor children in this discourse is not seen as a problem, but instead as a romantized solution. It is the same pattern that is emerging today.

Angela Duckworth has a resounding recent success that should have provided it. In the year 2013, the Penn psychologist is so closely identified with this character
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higher levels of grit are associated with higher levels of subjective and objective success, reliable means of increasing individual grit could positively impact long-term personal and academic trajectories.

Various psychologists define grit in different various ways. According to Duckworth et al (2007), they define grit as the perseverance and passion for long-term goals. Scientists and researchers while integrating biographical writings of the world famous figures have derived the same conclusions on the individuals who are known to be high achievers in the world and the connections their achievement have to grit.

passion and commitment towards the long-term objective therefore override factor providing the stamina that is required to maintain the course that come with challenges and set-backs.

In conclusion, grit is found to be an essential quality of learning for students to achieve high standards of perseverance and passion characteristic trait. It is a character trait that is associated with success whereas every student or learner who has grit is likely to succeed in their learning
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