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Modern World Leaders- Angela Merkel
The person chosen for this leadership report is Angela Merkel. I read “Modern World Leaders-Angela Merkel” written by Clifford W. Mills. Being born in Berlin, with my pride in being German, as well as being a female with my own leadership ambitions, I felt Angela Merkel was a perfect fit for me. Gaining knowledge on the leadership style from one of the most powerful and influential women in the world, while also learning the values and beliefs my country is grounded on, I find Angela Merkel to be extremely interesting leader to study. Angela Merkel (born Angela Dorothea Kasner), was born in Hamburg, Germany on July 17, 1954. Angela
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In Germany teachers quiet strict and at one point she had a teacher that would punish the entire class if a presentation differed even slightly from what the teacher told them to do. Deep down inside Merkel knew that the students put in extreme effort into the presentations and that this matter was so serious that the students could all be expelled from school. After explaining the situation to her parents, Merkel wrote a petition which she also presented to some GDR officials. Merkels class was saved; the teacher was later disciplined. I characterize her leadership style as one that is based on ethics and morals while also being very direct. She is both task oriented as well as relationship oriented. Merkel focuses on the business task at hand while putting great emphasis relationships and networking… “I don’t think it make sense to go round and round in circles arguing about this crisis. We have to manage it instead. But that’s something we can only do together with our neighbors, our partners, the big ones and the small ones. I think Germany is destined, partly as a result of its geographic position, to be a mediator and balancing factor.”
From this statement I feel as though Merkel is very direct and to the point- there is no point in arguing, let’s do something about it. At the same time Merkel puts emphasis on leader-member relations. Previous chancellor Schroeder was known for his extravagant sleigh rides with
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