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Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt
Chapter One
1. How does Frank McCourt initially describe his childhood?

2. Why do Delia and Philomena visit Malachy in the speakeasy?

3. What is Malachy’s escape plan, and how does it fail?

4. What is Frank’s “story,” and why can nobody else take ownership?

5. How is life for the McCourts when Malachy brings home his wages? How do things change when he doesn’t?

6. Who helps the McCourt family get by in their time of need? What do they do?

7. What does Malachy do after Margaret dies?

8. How do Delia and Philomena help Angela after Margaret dies? Do you think this is a good idea?

9. How does Philomena insult Delia’s husband? How does Delia respond?

10. What is ironic about
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5. What two things disappoint Frank after his recovery from typhoid fever? How does Frank overcome each?

6. What important lessons does Mr. O’Halloran impress upon his students? Why are these lessons unique?

7. In what way does Frank think of his father as the Holy Trinity?

8. Where does Frank eat his Christmas dinner? What is good and bad about the occasion?

9. How do many families in Limerick feel about the war with Hitler? Why do they feel this way?

10. What finally convinces Malachy to go to England and work in the factories? What happens after he leaves?

11. What new ailment does Frank have? What two old friends does Frank meet at the eye hospital?

12. What does Mr. Kane do to Angela while she is in line for public assistance?

Chapters Ten through Twelve
1. How does Frank provide for his family while Angela is sick in bed? Are his actions justified?

2. Who discovers that Angela is ill, and where are the children sent?

3. Why does Frank think he has no chance to become a Jesuit priest?

4. What does Frank believe Aunt Aggie lacks?

5. Whom does Frank see begging in the crowd? Why does he feel ashamed?

6. Who are The Red Hearts of Limerick? How do they signify this?

7. Why does Frank enjoy working with Mr. Hannon, and why must he stop?

8. What does Mr. Hannon say about rich people?

9. How do the
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