Angela 's Ashes By Frank Mccourt

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Angela’s Ashes is a uniquely crafted autobiography by Frank McCourt, who recites his difficult youth in Ireland. The author describes the many relationships between his parents and exposes the harsh reality brought up his family. The McCourts suffer from extreme poverty, hunger, sin, and countless unwise decisions. There is a cast of characters who’ve interacted with Angela, Frank McCourt’s mother, that sculpt Angela based on their relationships. Let’s unravel the depths of this sad, but beautiful story. The story is told from the perspective of Frank McCourt, Angela’s auspicious son. He enlightens the reader with his honesty and dreary youth. The reader is granted the power to draw conclusions of the cast using Frank’s brilliant indirect characterizations. Frank is one of the few children that lived to tell the tale. Despite the fact that his parents showed immense affection for their children they managed to neglect their needs. This caused many of Angela’s children to starve and die. Frank survives and matures, he is a teen and his relationship between his mother begins to alternate. They struggle to pay for the rent until Frank finds a job hauling coal. At this point he portrays himself as a man, a man with shillings in his pocket so he could give to his mother. He became ecstatic realizing the opportunity he gained, but when he comes home and his mom notices his eye condition had worsened she loses her mind. She demands that he quit his job hauling coal so he does not
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