Angelabrafford-Phil Essay

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Angela Brafford
PHIL 201
February 18, 2013 Essay

Great philosophers such as Plato, Socrates and Descartes developed theories thousands of years ago which changed the thought processes of many. These theories today are still influencing the lives of others. The Matrix, a very well-known movie released in 1999, retelling Plato’s theory, questioned the existence of reality and /or what we perceive as reality. The Matrix, Plato’s ‘Allegory of the Cave’ and Descartes ‘Meditation I’, all have similar views on reality, illusion and truth. Allegory of the Cave is a metaphor that describes what Plato believed reality to be. Plato believed that the things we perceive are
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He thought that this couldn’t be taught but that one had to see reality for themselves. The first time that the prisoners would see the real world, it would be very bright and confusing but later would adjust to the brightness of the light after spending some time outside of the cave, in the real world. The real world and the form beyond he senses. The Matrix shows us that thought does indeed exist, while Rene Descartes says, “I think, therefore, I am.” Neo and Morpheus thought that the body could not live without the mind and is only a medium for the mind. Thoughts are truths and power and the body is secondary to our thoughts. In the first Meditation, Descartes explains the hypothesis that gives him reason to doubt everything he perceives and believes. He uses the ‘Method of Doubt ‘to seek out what is true by withholding assent from all beliefs that are uncertain. He placed his beliefs into groups: senses, reason and imagination. He ignored all that he believed to be true and if any belief could be doubted, therefore it was not certain as being reliable as a foundation. Descartes ‘ Dream Argument ‘ was based on one’s senses alone, stating there is no definite way to prove if you are awake or asleep and dreaming. This in turn, proves that truths based on one’s senses are doubtful and unreliable and one’s perceptions and knowledge of reality is controlled. We decide what is real

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