Angela's Ashes Dialectic Journal Essay

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Dialectical Journal Text | Response | “People everywhere brag and whimper about the woes of their early childhood, but nothing can compare with the Irish version”(11). | This is how he starts out the book and it is in a way introducing you to one of the worst childhoods that you can have. It also shows you that you can go beyond your childhood and become something or do something with your life. I think it is kind of weird that one of the worst childhood to have is Irish because that would not have been the first one on my list. | “The rain drove us into the church-our refuge, our strength, our only dry place”(12). | Although this is physically what happened to his family, I think that it is also saying that God helped them in their…show more content…
You can always tell if people are mad at eachother by what they comment on facebook or how they look at each other or even what they say to that person. Also, it is very true that someone is always mad at someone and everybody. People always have a reason to be mad at someone. Usually it is because their pride gets in the way and they want to feel secure. | “In awhile there are voices downstairs and there is talk of tea, sherry, lemonade, buns, and isn’t that child the loveliest little fella in the world, little Alphie, foreign name but still an’ all still an’ all not a sound outta him the whole time he’s that good-natured God bless him sure he’ll live forever with the sweetness that’s in him the little dope spittin’ image of his mother his father his grandma his little brothers dead an’ gone”(182). | I love this quote because it is a typical child left up in their room to “think about what they’ve done”. Instead of thinking about what they did wrong, they listen to all the conversations and sulk over what their missing. I also like this quote because of the sentence structure. Everything is as how he hears it. Every conversation is bunched together into one long sentence that never ends. | “Dad nods and puts his hand on mine again. He looks at me , steps away, stops, comes back, kisses me on the forehead for the first time in my life and I’m so happy I feel like floating out of the

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