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Angela's Ashes Exposition:      Characters: Francis McCourt- protagonist            Malachy McCourt (father)- antagonist            Angela McCourt (mother)- protagonist            Malachy McCourt (brother)- protagonist            Michael McCourt (brother)- static            Alphie McCourt (brother)- static            The Abbot (uncle)- protagonist            Uncle Pa…show more content…
They go back and have to live with Angela's mother because of the low supply of money. She later tells them they have to find there own home. 4. Frankie and his brother, Malachy, go to Leamy's School. Because their father can't find a job they are but on the dole. They get money but not very much. One of the twins dies and leaves the other one longing for him. In about a week the other one dies. 5. Frankie and his family are left with only two children now his self and his younger brother. His mother has another child, Michael, then another, Alphie. Their father goes to fight in the war, in England. 6. Frankie's father is in England and he doesn't send the money. Frankie, his mother, and two brothers are in Ireland without money. Frankie, being the oldest man has to go look for food and ends up stealing because of the lack of money. 7. Angela, Frankie's mother get sick and has to stay in bed. She can't pay the rent because there is no money. The landlord evicts them. They go and live with a man that has some extra space, that Angela's mother knew. 8. About a week later Angela's mother dies. The man They are living with starts to complain that he is giving them free housing. Frankie runs away after he hits him, to live with his uncle, the Abbot. Climax:     Man vs. Destiny      Frankie's father doesn't have a job and when he gets the wages for the week he goes to the local pub and drinks them away. At home his

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